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Becoming a motor sport official is the best way of getting close to the action without being in the drivers seat. Volunteer officials are a vital part of motor sport and without them the sport could not function. Officials ensure that events are conducted safely, fairly and that the rules and regulations are upheld.

Every motor sport event requires a number of officials with various skills to perform a wide range of tasks. Events such as the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix and Rally Australia need over 1,000 officials, whereas a club-level motorkhana or hill climb need only a few.


National Officiating Program (NOP)

Training Under The NOP
The Rights of Motor Sport Officials
Motor Sport Officials Code of Ethics
Code of Conduct

The CAMS National Officiating Program was established for the grading, licensing, training and recognition of volunteer motor sport officials.

The purpose of the National Officiating Program (NOP) is to:

  • Ensure that motor sport officials are highly skilled
  • Provide knowledge of roles and rules
  • Demonstrate ethical performance of duties
  • Foster personal pride and a respect for the sport
  • Provide efficient management
  • Achieve local, national and international recognition

The rights of motor sport officials and code of ethics is covered in further detail in the CAMS Member Protection Policy, available on the CAMS Website.