CAMS is proud to be able to offer to its affiliated sporting car clubs the opportunity to obtain funding under the CAMS Club Development Fund, supported by Burson Auto Parts & Famous Insurance.

The CAMS Club Development Fund is made available as part of CAMS' ongoing commitment to drive membership growth & participation opportunities in clubs and motor sport.

The CAMS Club Development Fund has awarded over $100,000 to CAMS-Affiliated Sporting Car Clubs since its inception in 2015.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When are the funding periods for the CAMS Club Development Fund?
Our club has already received funding from the CAMS Club Development Fund in this calendar year, why does our club have to wait until the following calendar year to be eligible to apply for more funding?
How can I find out about which clubs have been successful in obtaining funding from the CAMS Club Development Fund?
What if my club doesn’t have the finances to match what the club is seeking from CAMS?
What projects are eligible for funding?
Our club has already received funding for the same project in consecutive years, why did our club receive less this year than the previous year?
Why is the amount offered by the CAMS Club Development Fund so small (when compared to other funding programs), so much so, that it is really not the time & effort to submit an application?



Current Funding Round

RoundFunding PeriodStatusProjects FundedOnline ApplicationAcquittal Form
11 Jan – 31 Dec 2019OpenDownload listApply NowDownload

Upcoming CAMS Club Development Events


Hosting Club




16 June, 28 July & 15 September 2019Fiat Club NSWNSWJunior ClinicsAnsell Park

17-18 August, 28-29 September & 26-27 October 2019

Western Australia Off Road Racing Association


WA Off Road Junior Development Program


8 September 2019Maffra & District Car ClubVIC2019 Junior Development ProgramBoisdale

Previous Funding Rounds


Case Studies - Obtaining Maximum Funding

To give clubs an understanding of what types of projects will be looked at favourably for higher levels of funding, CAMS has provided a couple of examples of projects that have achieved funding in the past.

Please note this the case studies are NOT the only way to be awarded maximum funding, however, the projects do have common themes:
  • They can demonstrably attract a large number of new participants to the sport, either through a one-off event or a series that involves multiple participation opportunities.
  • They keep CAMS informed of their progress throughout the project.
  • They actively acknowledge CAMS' support of their project, above the standard requirements.
  • The application states a logical process in order to achieve the predetermined goals of the project, as well as a realistic budget.



Case Studies

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