2019 Calendar

25 MayBaskervilleLCCTTASCLOSED
22 JuneCollingroveSCCSASACLOSED
22 SeptemberBryant ParkGCCVIC 
5 OctoberMt CottonMGCCQQLD 
1 DecemberPhils HillMSWWA 


The Difference of CAMS Club Challenge Australia

Competing in Club Challenge Australia is unlike any other event. Clubs enter a team of five, with the top three teams taking home a cash prize for their club.

Racing against class records, results are determined by your best time - divided by the record, and multiplied by 100 to give a percentage.

The percentages for each team member are then added together and divided by the number of participants per team (5) to determine the overall team percentage.

The team with the lowest percentage at the end of the event will be their state's Club Challenge Australia winner.


How to enter

  • Entries for the Club Challenge close one week prior to each state's scheduled event.
  • The entry fee will be $300 per club, payable online, which includes lunch for all team members.
  • The team nomination form must be submitted by the team manager for the team entry to be complete.


Club Eligibility

All competing clubs must be current and affiliated members of the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport.


Competitor Eligibility

Club competitors must be current and financial members of their respective club for 2019, and hold a CAMS Speed/Speed Junior Licence or above.

A competitor can only compete for one affiliated club.


Club Challenge Documents